From the first deliveries by bike to excellence

Quality, since 1951.
It the last century, Domenico and Mario Cartapani decided to launch their business under the name "Costarica Caffè dei F.lli Cartapani", abandoning the name of the Central American country after just over a year to keep only the surname. A used roaster, a grinder, retail sales, the first bicycle deliveries. Like all Made in Italy excellences, Caffè Cartapani’s history, right from the start, is a choice inspired by selection, search for goodness and the will to make a difference in terms of superior high quality.

The Cartapani family, coffee masters.
Like many years ago, still today, it is raw material processed with scientific and sensorial mastery that elevates the goodness of a Cartapani espresso. Selected raw coffees, bought and imported directly from the lands where they are grown, become one of the finest Italian excellences encompassing artisan tradition and innovation. Since 1951, each coffee source is toasted individually to enhance their characteristics and each bean is evaluated by family wisdom, which guarantees over time the only quality known by Cartapani: superior.

Like many years ago, still today.

Let your palate decide

The innovation of the plants combined with the historical know-how of the company to calibrate exactly the taste, fragrance, aftertaste and sensations of the coffee we want to offer our customers. In addition, training, refresher and specialization courses dedicated to baristas and restaurateurs to get to the heart of coffee and refine their art. Come and taste first hand a world where coffee is the result of passion 4.0.

News & Events

OCTOBER, 29 2019
Host 2019: Cartapani with Marzocco for an excellent coffee break Host 2019: Cartapani with Marzocco for an excellent coffee break


OCTOBER, 10 2019
Cartapani awarded for the new brand