We are our choices

Superior quality, the guiding value.
In a Cartapani coffee is the continuous availability of fresh and precious raw materials, direct management of the supply chain and production, the art of evaluating and selecting only the best blends and fragrances, protection of natural resources, cutting-edge technology, collaborators continuously improving and updating, suppliers and partners carefully selected and compliance with health and safety regulations. Superior quality is the maximum denominator inscribed in the DNA of the Cartapani company, the guiding principle.

An ethical vocation.
Since 1951, Caffè Cartapani dedicates all its energies to satisfying its customers, the search for "Quality" is not just a corporate direction, it is something that has ethical roots, a value that will continue to guide family choices because the difference between a Caffè Cartapani espresso and any other espresso, is "the coffee experience". Something that goes beyond a break, a unique pleasure. Intense, harmonious, velvety.

Let your palate decide

The innovation of the plants combined with the historical know-how of the company to calibrate exactly the taste, fragrance, aftertaste and sensations of the coffee we want to offer our customers. In addition, training, refresher and specialization courses dedicated to baristas and restaurateurs to get to the heart of coffee and refine their art. Come and taste first hand a world where coffee is the result of passion 4.0.

News & Events

OCTOBER, 29 2019
Host 2019: Cartapani with Marzocco for an excellent coffee break Host 2019: Cartapani with Marzocco for an excellent coffee break


OCTOBER, 10 2019
Cartapani awarded for the new brand