Quality is only one

Excellent by tradition.
Superior quality translates into the selection of suppliers, the choice of beans, the innovation of the plants that always calibrate the same unique taste for the best bars and restaurants. The "Cartapani Coffee Quality" is the result of continuous checks, in the wise details, such as air cooling after toasting to avoid altering the organoleptic properties. It is in the desire to carry out independent qualitative tests Attentions that make the difference.

High quality Italian refreshments.
Beyond industrial logic, there is a coffee that is synonymous with authenticity. A coffee that after being processed and packaged, is left to refine briefly in packages with non-return valves, so that the aromas can merge slowly without dispersing. At Cartapani, quality is a method: that of the past, which over time has been embellished thanks to innovation. And then there is the Cartapani family, which listens to the senses and has refined its sense of smell and palate and, generation after generation, qualifies the excellence whose voice it carries.

Let your palate decide

The innovation of the plants combined with the historical know-how of the company to calibrate exactly the taste, fragrance, aftertaste and sensations of the coffee we want to offer our customers. In addition, training, refresher and specialization courses dedicated to baristas and restaurateurs to get to the heart of coffee and refine their art. Come and taste first hand a world where coffee is the result of passion 4.0.

News & Events

OCTOBER, 29 2019
Host 2019: Cartapani with Marzocco for an excellent coffee break Host 2019: Cartapani with Marzocco for an excellent coffee break


OCTOBER, 10 2019
Cartapani awarded for the new brand